WordPress Tutorial English

WordPress Tutorial English

Idolmokushiroku.com – In this blog, in addition to discussing about web design, web developer, graphic design, tips and a variety of inspiration we also discuss tricks/tutorials about wordpress. Tricks/this tutorial, you create because you want to share the knowledge that we get from our experience working on web-based wordpress or perhaps this article we get from the sources comes from the blog outside the English-speaking.

In addition to dividing our experience, we would also like to introduce a variety of trick wordpress into indonesian language. Most of the tricks wordpress usually discussed in English, for those of us who are not too familiar with the English language may be lazy to read a variety of these tricks.

Whereas the tricks of the many highly qualified for the advancement of science about our wordpress. With this reason we try to learn the tricks and share them with the Indonesian language to make it easier for friends-friend beginners who want to learn wordpress is in.

From the article made by Techinasia Indonesia founder and CEO of wordpress, Matt Mullenweg revealed that the Indonesian Language is the language of the most numerous number 3 used by wordpress users all over the world under English and Spanish. In addition, the Indonesian Language is the language most widely used in Asia. The phrase Matt to make us believe that friends who come from Indonesia, many use wordpress as a CMS of choice to perform the activities of blogging.

A lot of the actual article about wodpress plugin, but the more who speak English, because the source of all the tricks wordpress also is a person who is fluent in the English language itself. The use of a language different from the language of our own mother sometimes makes us confused to learn that, although not everything, but some of us will feel it.

To see a variety of tricks/tutorials and articles around wordpress friends can get into WordPress categories.

We are not the expert in this, but we as much as possible try to share what we can share. May all the article and cara that we serve in this blog can be useful for friends, Thank you.

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