Insurance For What The Weirdest Thing Ever Covered

Insurance For What The Weirdest Thing Ever Covered

At some point in everyone’s life, the insurance becomes a necessity. Whether coverage is required by law, such as auto policy, or by prudence, it’s a virtual certainty that You will need to hedge against losses. Run the policy Factory (life, home, Car) Can Understand. If You lose Your home in a flood, you’ll be glad You have coverage. But then there are others that make You scratch your head.

The fact of the matter is, if You are willing to pay a premium, no matter how strange or even impossible scenario, someone will cover it. Here are some examples of the weird, the bizarre, and the things of the world other people have been insured.

Alien Abduction

Yes, this exists. And it’s not just a one-off; there’s a company in the southwestern part of that make their income is almost exclusively off of the Covers people in the event that they are brought to a spaceship by extraterrestrial beings. In most cases, it works as a special form of life insurance.

If a person is abducted by aliens and never to be seen again, the families they leave will be compensated, assuming they can prove the kidnapping happened. Other companies offer a version that is special to cover the survivors nap to their psychological and medical costs. Once again, it seems to be very difficult to prove this and collect at one of these policies. Not a single shred of evidence that shows the Deity clear for gods which they worship besides Allah.


People have been buying coverage for all of the various parts of the body which is valuable over the years. Betty Grable, a film actress and popular pin-up girl in the 1940s, taking the policy on his feet for one million dollars cool.

Jennifer Lopez is rumored to have posterior famous covered for ten times as many disasters to befall him. But part of the body most strange is the famous tongue of the legend of the Kiss frontman, Gene Simmons. After the rumors emerged that she had a surgery, Simmons got a policy to ensure that he was compensated in the case of some fan excited a little bit off of it. A story that is hard to accept, but true.

The Lottery Winners

This policy may be cheaper than the insurance of alien abduction. In the Uk, an employer may purchase a policy to cover the incidents arising from the two employees quit because they won the lottery. Should at least two people, and they can’t share a single ticket. The possibility that two winning tickets will be purchased by people who work for a single company almost nothing. One wonders if the Camelot group, the organisation that runs the lottery the Uk, has purchased the insurance policy. If two employees they win, it will certainly raises some eyebrows!

Next time you talk with the seller of your insurance is about protecting your car, see what else they have to offer, just for fun!

What Is Marine Insurance Cover?

Insurance For What The Weirdest Thing Ever Covered
Insurance For What The Weirdest Thing Ever Covered

What It Is Marine Insurance?

This is the kind of transit insurance that protects goods and merchandise that are being transported by the ship for a foreign or domestic water. It also involves include damage suffered by the vessel during shipping.

Based on the requirements of the entity that is insured, the insurance of the sea can undergo the form of a few different contracts. An insurance policy promising protection against all kinds of risks.

Marine Insurance

This type of insurance policy provides protection against a variety of damage that may occur during delivery. This may include the dangers of sea travel as:

  1. The collision with the iceberg or the ship other
  2. High waves
  3. Shipwrecking
  4. The failure of the ship hull

This also includes damages or losses caused by the throw, pirates, and barratry which is a violation of fraud by the owner of the ship which belongs to darken cargo, deserting or steal the ship.

Some of the most popular pages included in marine insurance is:

The Cover Of The Cargo Insurance

This type of insurance compensates of merchandise/goods if damage has been sustained. Cargo can be insured in one of the following two ways … depending on the requirements of the particular insurance … of the tax payer.:

  1. One Shipment only
  2. Auto coverage for each and every delivery

Shipping Insurance Cover

This type of coverage is to support ship owners financially which brings the goods in the case of any misfortune event when the cargo and the goods either harmed or lost.

Protection & Insemnity Page Insurance

This type of insurance protection for ship owners. This protects the shipowner against any binding law or obligation that may arise due to bodily injury or physical damage to property belonging to other people.

Front Cover Of Hull Insurance

Coverage of this type is somewhat similar to the coverage of an auto insurance policy in case of collision. Anything that could potentially cause damage to the ship or the ship is protected through this insurance policy. If You decide to purchase this policy, then it is important to note that You may have to pay for certain deductions in the case of losses covered.

Coverage of hull insurance also has a unique feature called the scope of responsibility of a collision which provides liability coverage for owners of the ship or vessel in any event when the cause danger to any other ship or cargo that is transported by the ship. The only drawback is that this provision does not account for any liability that causes harm to another person’s body.

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