Complete! This Is How Forex Trading Indonesia 2021

Complete! This Is How Forex Trading Indonesia 2021– Complete! This Is How Forex Trading Indonesia 2021. At this time, all the things I done paced online. Want to find information? Online. Want to find friends? Online. Want to buy stuff and book a transport? All can be done online. Even to earn income, the internet is the way.

Not a strange thing indeed, because of the development of technological devices and the internet increasingly sophisticated make your lifestyle more and more online community.

Moreover, in times of pandemic Covid-19, which encourages all people to do social restrictions and mandatory #DiRumahAja, inevitably eventually do the activity by means of the internet.

Sad because of losing a job in the middle of the outbreak of corona? Don’t need to be confused. You might consider to do forex trading.

As the name suggests, forex trading is a form of jual beli alias trade involving the assets of the forex (foreign exchange) or foreign currency. Done in the financial market, forex trading began to be known in the era of 2000s when the people of the world increasingly depends to the internet and devices.

But did You know, actually, forex trading has already begun to emerge in the 1990s when people are trading the stock. After the establishment of the Jakarta Futures Exchange in August 1999, the development of the brokers in local

Ground Water more rapidly and finally offers forex assets that promises big profits and the market is very illiquid.

Open A Forex Account

Like any other business, to be a doer of the alias trader in forex trading, there are some things that need to be met. For example, just make sure You are someone who always logical thinking and was good at doing analysis. Because in making decisions when trading forex, You must be able to read a range of indicators in order to profit.

If you’ve been studying really fundamental things of the forex market, You can choose one of the brokers and do the registration. So that the registration process goes smoothly, make sure that You have the capital in accordance with the abilities and needs.

So that you can know the situation on the forex market but are reluctant to lose money, take advantage of the right features a demo account on a broker, before finally plunging into the live trading account.

Later with the more experience a transaction that has been done, You will earn a profit greater. Later, if the profit that’s enough, You can melt it directly into the personal account and earned income. Fun isn’t it? So all can be realized, be sure to select the brokers that are trusted.

Broker-Broker Forex Terpercaya di Indonesia

That all trading activities can walk safely in line with expectations, make sure You choose a quality broker who has obtained regulatory and supervised by BAPPEBTI (Commodity Futures Trading regulatory Agency). Brokers that have got the permission from BAPPEBTI that has credibility that can’t be doubt. The following four local broker that You can consider:


Official website:
Office center: Business Center, Thamrin City 6th Floor, Suite 618, Jalan Thamrin Boulevard, Kebon Melati, Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat 10230
Platform: MetaTrader 4
Spread: Floating, from 1 pip
Rebate:$5 per lot
Trading costs: US$5, charged after the order is closed
Deposit: US$100-100.000
Withdrawal limit: US$5-100.000
Instruments: Forex, precious metals, energy, indices
Leverage: 1:500


Official website:
Head office: Mayapada Tower 2 Lt.14 Jln. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 27 RT.4/RW.2, Karet, Kec Setiabudi, Jakarta Selatan 12920
Language: English
Deposit and withdrawal of funds: Through Mandiri, BNI and BCA
Platform: HSB trader
Trading assets: Forex, indices, stocks and commodities
Minimum initial deposit: R1,2 million (a fixed rate equivalent of $100)
Leverage: 1:200
Minimum lot: 0.1 lot

3. GKInvest

Official website:
Head office: Multivision Tower Lt. 20, Jl. Kuningan Mulia Lot 9B – Jakarta Selatan 12980
Platform: MetaTrader 5, website and mobile
Trading assets: Forex, stock indices, oil and precious metals (gold and silver)
Spreads: Floating ranging from 1.6 pips (forex), 0.26 (gold), 0.033 (silver) and 0.05 (oil)
Minimum initial deposit: $200
Leverage: 1:100
Minimum lot: 0.1 lot
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Official website:
Head office: Gedung Sahid Sudirman Center Lt.17, Jl.Jendral Sudirman kav.86, Jakarta 10220
Platform: MetaTrader 4 (PC and mobile), Monex Multi Terminal (for the needs of the many accounts)
Trading assets: Forex, precious metals (gold and silver), crude oil
Spreads: Floating
Minimum initial deposit: Rp 5 million (classic account), 100 million (account preferred) and Rp250 million (account priority)
Leverage: 1:100
Minimum lot: 0.1 lot

How Forex Trading Work

Compared with the stock market though, the value of trading the forex market is much larger. Just for information, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in October 2012 reported if the volume of the foreign exchange market to touch more than US$3.1 trillion per day, while the stock market traded average in the range of US$2 trillion per day.

Different with other financial markets, the forex market also don’t have a global. Because currency trading is conducted electronically through a system of Over-the-Counter (OTC). That is, the forex market takes place via the computer device is online and connected to the rest of the world. Operations of forex market ensued for 24 hours with the division of the time zone.

How is forex traded? For instance, You want to buy the US dollar at US$100 with exchange rate Rp14.700 per dollar. So that means, You have to prepare money Rp1.470.000 to acquire a US$100. Then when one month later the dollar increased to penetrate Rp16 thousand per dollar, You can sell US$100 with a total value of Rp1,6 juta. From the difference between the buy and sell prices, You will reap a profit of 130 thousand.

Important terms in Forex Trading

Although the workings of forex trading looks simple, when You really focus on being a trader, there are a number of things to learn. Because when You do trading in the financial market through the intermediary broker, there are a lot of things to learn include important terms which greatly affects the trading activities. Here in between.
The term pip is often used to describe the change in the price of an asset, especially in forex trading. The magnitude of the pip can be seen on the four decimal numbers in all currencies, except that related to the Japanese yen/JPY (pip movement there is on the second number to a decimal). Example of a pip as in the pair USD/JPYyang has a value of 1 pip of 0.01, while EUR/USD has a value of 0.0001.

Exchange Rate

As the name suggests, the exchange rate is the value of a currency compared to other foreign currencies. Suppose the EUR/USD has an exchange rate 1.3200, which means that one euro is equivalent to the 1.3200 US dollar. In the forex market, usually provided data of exchange rate will always be updated regularly.

  1. Leverage
    In the world of forex, leverage is depicted as a lever that allows the investor or trader to do transaction is greater than the capital. This Leverage provided by the broker, and usually the amount is different from 1:1 up to 1:1000. This means that if the leverage is set at 1:1000, brokers that allow traders do trading 1000-fold greater than the value of the deposit held.
  1. Margin
    The Margin itself is the best time of trading. Can he also explained that the margin is the deposit amount required traders to maintain the position in the transaction. Suppose there is a 1% margin, which means if You follow the transactions of US$200 thousand, only need a capital of US$2,000 only.
  2. Spread
    For instance, the spread is the difference between the selling price (bids/quotes buy) and the purchase price (ask/quotes sell). So it can be concluded that the spread is the income of the broker. When a trader sells an asset, then the broker will make a purchase, and vice versa. Spread each broker doesn’t tend to be the same and usually in the range of 3-7. Each broker must determine the amount of spread on their own.
  3. Stop/Cut Loss
    This term refers to the features provided by the broker to the trader, in a stop loss there. Because it’s no secret that the forex market does have chances of profit and loss is equally great. But this time the trader can minimize the losses through the Cut/Stop Loss (SL). SL is the value of the limit low so that when the movement is the price reaches the SL, the system will immediately shut down orders.

Importance of Strategy in Forex Trading
Like business in general, a person do forex trading obviously to make a profit. So that advantage can be obtained with a stable, You must have the right strategy. A trader from Singapore, Rayner Teo ever describe the five different strategies in forex trading. What? Check out his review here:

  1. Position Trading

    Is long-term strategy, Position Trading allows traders hold their positions for a few weeks to a few months. If You make forex as an investment, then this strategy is very suitable. Because of the long-term, Position Trading requires analysis of more in-depth before you buy a particular currency as understand trend following.
  2. Day Trading

    More like trading forex short-term, which usually only takes a day? Then the strategy of Day Trading or Intraday is very suitable. With this strategy, You have to entry and exit in the same day. You will be able to know the advantages and disadvantages on the same day anyway. Because it is a short-term, the timeframe for Day Trading usually 1H to 4H.

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