Australian Stock Trading Platforms

Australian Stock Trading Platforms – Australians looking for a stock in the stock market have a variety of options. Online brokers come with a variety of the deal, from discount to full service, while others are known for their trading tools or research.

The Australian Stock exchange (ASX) is the 16th largest in the world, with $1.44 trillion total market cap, according to Wikipedia. Depending on the broker, Australia also have access to some of the world’s biggest exchange, such as NASDAQ in the United States. Brokers Australia is regulated by the security guard Australia & investments Commission (ASIC).

In this guide, we will break down the best online brokers for Australia.

1. CMC markets

Through its offices regulated in major global financial centers, CMC markets offers traders Australia a variety of excellent offers and the next-generation platform trading, which is packed with innovative tools and charting. CMC markets also rated as a stockbroker in the last eight years.

2. IG

Established in the year 1974 and is respected as one of the broker’s most trusted in the world, IG offers traders the stock of low-Australia trade with excellent, research, trading Videos, and access to more than 8000 International share CFDs. Read The Full Review

3. Material Comsec Material

CommSec is one of the broker’s largest Online Australia that gives you access to 25 exchanges worldwide. While the cost of trading stock is expensive, CommSEC offers a variety of trading tools and market research.

4. Interactive Broker

While Interactive Broker not suitable for the casual investor because the platform of the complex, namely the leader of the international trade and commission low cost desired by professional traders. New investors and relaxation should be aware though other costs and minimum cost by the broker interactive. Read the full review

5. Westpac

Westpac is a more expensive option for Australia. However, the broker provides access to 30 international exchange, as well as offering a free report, store Stock, Stock Recommendations, mapping, mapping, mapping, and options for more research premium provided by Morningstar.

6. Nabtrade

Nabtrade trade offers local and international investors with a competitive price, with charting can be customized, third-party research from four different companies, real-time streaming, shares of the company and research, scanning tools, and more. However, the mobile app Nabtrade has a rating of, which is terrible on both the Apple App store and play Store for Android.

7. BellDirect

If You want to sell domestic stock, the price does not directly offer the average price, with research equipment, including a research consensus of 20 brokers, the idea of trading each day, free command in the Terms, and the technology of html5 charting.

8. ANZ

ANZ run markets CMC markets popular, which means traders have access to the following tools: guide to trading to help traders first-time and trading platform which offers news updates direct, charting progress, and equipment stock.

9. Amscot

Amscot offers commission under the average with the platform IRESSTrader established (paid subscription). Traders also have access to research, raising capital, and report on the development of third-party sources.

The difference of Trading Online: Australia against the United States

Share trading online online in Australia are similar in many ways to trade as the U.S. population in the United States. Australian investors fund an account, make a deposit, then put a trade through a web or desktop platform, manage watch lists, and doing research, as U.S. investors do.

However, there are some important considerations that Australian investors should be aware of before choosing an online broker in Australia, the consideration of which does not exist in the US.

  • Commission ranges-in the U.S., it’s rare to see online brokers offer a variety of commission structures, while in Australia most brokers have a variable rate that depends on the total value of the trade. IG, SelfWealth, and Westpac are the three people who have a fixed rate, although Westpac much higher than the other two.
  • Mobile app availability while each online broker offers a mobile app in the U.S., in Australia not every broker is not. Established brand names such as Nabtrade and BellDirect still not offer a mobile app, despite the availability of mobile to be the big trends in Australia. One of the six online investors say that have mobile versions of services, both affect the decision of their brokers, according to a report from investment trends.
  • Pay to study in the U.S., most brokers offer research premium from providers such as Morningstar free. In Australia, the broker is more likely to provide a cost for traders and offers a premium research on a monthly subscription.
  • Types of market orders, limit hours, and the command stops the standard across the industry. However, the trading of our shares from Australia may vary from broker to broker in the things that are available. This includes the exchange of after work hours. Type the command advanced, such as the conditional command, will also vary from broker to broker.

How To Choose An Online Broker

Broker Australia work hard to stand out from each other outside brands and marketing. The really important thing is the trading experience which you receive after you become a client with an account that is funded.

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