5 Most Popular Investments in Indonesia, What Are Some?

5 Most Popular Investments in Indonesia, What Are Some?

Investment represents one of the most appropriate ways to protect and increase wealth. Behind that, investment has risks that are in a straight line with its level of profit.

Investments can be made anyone. Not at all fur. Rich or poor, young or old, could invest capital to profit.

Before you are an investor, recognize and understand the types of investments in Indonesia. The goal is to reduce potential losses and select appropriately according to the risk profile of the machine each.

List of Most Popular Investment Instruments in Indonesia

1. Deposits

Deposits exist it’s a deposit product in a bank whose installation and dancing can only be done within a certain period of time. It is usually a 1-24 month tenor.

Not like savings that you can freely withdraw anytime, including its bulk. Deposits consist of several types, namely term deposits and deposits on call or deposits with a short period of time as well as certificates of deposits that are one year or less term than that.

Bank already sets the deposit interest amount adjusted to the tenor and value of the deposit. Generally the range is 3-7% and interest on deposits is usually higher than of savings interest rates.

Deposited flower to follow the Bank of Indonesia (BI) benchmark interest rate. So it’s no wonder that income from deposits tends to remain, even the changes are minimal every year. It’s appropriate for you to play safe, stable, because the risk is low.

As example, you deposit money into a deposit product of Rp20 million at 7% interest per year. Then your income from the investment amounts to Rp1.4 million.

If you take tenor or 2 years due for example, meaning total revenue of Rp2.8 million. That is, after 2 years of maturity, you can cash the deposit fund following its interest amounted to Rp22.8 million. That’s still gross, uncollected 20% deposit tax.

2. Mutual Funds

Mutual funds is not guaranteed by the government and does not include banking products. Mutual funds is an investment instrument in which the management of its funds is entrusted to the Manager Investment (MI) that has already obtained permission from the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

There are four type mutual funds, namely money market mutual funds, fixed income mutual funds, mixed mutual funds, and stock mutual funds. You can select it based on the profile risk.

Example, time want big money, choose stock mutual funds but with high risk. Meanwhile, if you want to be safe, money market reform can be an option, but the cat’s advantage is small.


Share investment is one type of investment instrument known as ‘high risk high return.’ It means that this investment has a high level of risk, but give a high payoff anyway.

Advantage from stock investment depends heavily on market movements and the performance of the company whose stock you’re deporting. That’s why there is a capital gain (benefit)i rise in stock prices) and capital loss (especially from falling stock prices).

Different, hanging from stock investment fluctuates, depending on the market movement and performance of the company whose shares you buy. For example you bought the company’s shares mine at a price of Rp 1,000 per sheet worth Rp20 million.

Then you get 200 thousand shares or 200 lots (1 lot = 100 sheets). If in a year this stock has a price increase of Rp 200 and to Rp1,200 per Sheet, then sold the stock, you earned Rp40 million.

Profit is potentially higher if you store shares in the long run. It doesn’t preclude those stocks from moving up and you get the hang of it profits of hundreds, even thousands of percent.

4. Gold

Investment gold is very easy to melt. Known as a safe haven investment. Whenever you need money, you can sell it at a gold shop or other trusted place.

For to investment blinds, better buy gold bars than jewelry. If gold jewelry is usually used when purchasing, it costs quite a lot of money to make it from the value of gold, but when it’s sold again, it won’t calculate the fare, so you can suffer losses

You’re starts gold investment from now on in order for the number to increase further. It is indeed expensive at around Rp900 thousand per gram. But gold investment can make a profit up to 12% per year in the long run.

5. Peer to peer lending

Investment or funding in fintech peer to peer (p2p) middle lending is becoming a trend among millennials. The investment profit is relatively high compared to deposit interest, namely up to 18% per year.

The modality very affordable, starting at IDR 100 thousand as well as the investment process is easy on the optional fintech lending platform. Make sure you invest in fintech lending registered and supervised Financial Services Authority (OJK).


Current investment is a requirement or obligation. The goal is to prepare for a better financial future.

I’ll tell you what, I’ll tell you what. Definitely want money to grow more without having to keep working hard. The trick is with investment.

Choose an investment instrument that fits your risk profile as well as financial conditions. Most importantly discipline sets aside 10% from salary or earnings each month for investment.

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