5 Easy Ways to Make Your Small Kitchen Look Broader

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Small Kitchen Look Broader

The kitchen for most women is one of the important spots at home. A comfortable kitchen will also make you feel good when cooking. Many women are lazy about cooking due to uncomfortable kitchen conditions including cramped spaces. Well, this time we’ll also try to present some tips for decorating a narrow kitchen.

Small Kitchen Look Broader

1. Furniture Laying

First simple small kitchen decoration tips, choose kitchen sets or kitchen supplies that fit the room. Choose the one that doesn’t eat the place and is most effective.

You must select what items will be and what will not be used. Items that are no longer used should not be kept in the kitchen. This will make the room feel even narrower.

2. Wall Color Selection

In addition to furniture, it turns out that wall color selection also has an effect you know Ladies. For a simple way to decorate the kitchen, you are advised to choose bright colored paint to give a wide impression.

The color of the floor also has an effect, choose a color that is woody for simple home kitchen decoration.

3. Watch Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen had better be bright, as a dark kitchen would give a narrow impression. You can also decorate the kitchen with used items.

4. Use an Open Storage Rack

If you normally use an override shelf closed, now it’s time you replace your storage rack with a small kitchen wall ornament.

It is to outsmart the small kitchen but neat so as not to look claustrophobic. Also, it is also easier to reach out to whatever items you will take when cooking.

5. Replace Your Old Kitchen Door with Glass Door

Better change your old kitchen door. Yes is made of wood so a glass door that will give the room a wider effect.

Final Words

Well, that was some decorative tips. The simple little kitchen you can try. May it be helpful and you can stay more comfortable in the kitchen and cook various soup delicious for family yes.

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