3 Important Points that Beginner Investors Often Forget

3 Important Points that Beginner Investors Often Forget

For novice investors, the picture of large returns is certainly a major investment destination. This certainly makes sense, given that no one wants to suffer losses when investing.

To achieve these goals, novice investors often learn many things, especially related to the instruments they have. Manage risk as well as view market opportunities with an observant, clear reach own needs in the early days of this investment.

Focusing on big profits and risk management, some start-up investors often forget other important points. although at first it was very simple and had little effect on the return on investment, but these various important points could actually have a major impact on future finance.

Basically, a balanced and clear portfolio concept from the beginning would be much more advantageous for you as a novice investor. Don’t just focus on the huge benefits that can be achieved by quickly, however you also need to plan an investment to support long-term finance.

Here are some important points that novice investors often forget:

Beginner Investors Often Forget

1. Planning of pension funds

If start an investment in early in work or in their 20s, then it’s obvious pension funds are not a priority in finance. At this age you are very young, even more likely to have no dependents.

You sure want to have some fun immerse first and enjoy earning by purchasing various items and doing various things. You’ve just been to work, then why bother thinking about retirement that’s still going to come in tens of years, right?

Various thoughts above can alone lasts for a long time, so it doesn’t make any investment as part of your retirement planning.

While time continues to tip toe an and you’re increasingly having a narrow time to prepare it. Remember, the need for this pension fund is really huge, that’s why it’s so important to prepare it early.

In principle, the more quick setting up a pension fund, then it will get better. Opportunities to raise large and adequate amounts of funds will also get higher.

Invest part of fund in instruments that are at high risk, yet could provide a substantial return in the future. You will get the maximum return, especially if this investment is made consistently until the retirement period you arrive later.

2. Not diversifying

Diversification has always been a point important inside investment success, yet often overlooked by novice investors. Instead of diversifying, novice investors will tend to be eager to allocate investment funds only on those instruments that could provide huge potential returns.

Things like this are certainly very risky, given the greater the potential benefit, then the greater also the risk to be borne in it. If the focus is only on one instrument, then the risk will also be concentrated at one point only.

Diversifying on a number of different instruments will be much safer. Profit potential will be more diverse, and so will the risks. You can mix several different types of investments in a portfolio, making it more balanced and secure.

In addition, conducting reinvestments the return on such investments is also no less important. This activity could even provide much greater benefits in the future. This will also at once help you avoid setbacks in investments made in finance.

3. Uninterested in profit stock dividend

The stock has always been one instrument that investors hunt for, including novice investors. However, the flight hours are different, so it will also be different how to spend the stock.

For novice investors, legitimate buying the new and potentially remarkable price increases in the future is a major focus. This kind of thing does nothing wrong, but it will not provide maximum profit as other stocks are already running steady.

New shares like this will be have slow performance, even its dividend payments are also said to be very small. This kind of condition could have lasted a long time.

Temporary if buying that stock has stabilized and routinely distributed dividends, so this dividend profit can be enjoyed immediately on a regular basis every year. You can even make this profit even bigger, which is by investing it consistently.


Being a start-up investor will indeed have its own challenges, you even need to learn a lot in these times. Avoid various mistakes that novice investors often make, because this can make the investment not go to its maximum. Start the investment with appropriate measures, in order for this investment to provide maximum benefit in finance.

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